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DeVisser Gray LLP is an independent firm of Chartered Professional Accountants located in the heart of Vancouver's financial district, serving clients from a wide range of backgrounds.

The firm was founded in 1987 by former managing partner and long-time Vancouver resident Peter de Visser, who after 24 years retired at the end of 2011. Peter continues to serve as an advisor to the firm. De Visser Gray LLP has and is dedicated to providing cost-effective services and useful practical advice to an expanding client base.

James D. Gray is the current managing partner and has been a partner of the firm since 2001. He is joined by Brad Waddell (2006), G. Cameron Dong (2009) and Keith Macdonald (2012).

The firm is registered as an auditor of public companies with both the U.S. Public Company Acounting Oversight Board ("PCAOB") and the Canadian Public Accountability Board ("CPAB").


Monica Yip and Alexander Verhoeven
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